Social Theta – Asset Management

Manage and keep track of your vehicles on real time and their information.

Advanced fleet tracking system for your business

Real time tracking of your vehicles with ease and gain complete control of your entire fleet to improve business operation, productivity, utilization and our in depth reporting make your operation cost effective.



Real time Vehicle Tracking

Tracking of speed of vehicle and real time GPS locations.

Bird eye view

Bird’s Eye view

View all your vehicle’s location, status, and current speed through an online map.


Fuel consumption Insights

Review the vehicle’s fuel refills and consumption trends.


Eliminate manual log sheets

Eliminate manual reporting requirements through digital auto- generated log sheets.



Get alerted to breach of perimeters.


Manage fleet productivity

RPM measurement allows you to monitor the productive run time of your fleet.


Visibility of All assets at click of button

Get insights into vehicle availability and productivity across the complete value chain.


Utilize assets with better reporting

Help improve equipment ROI by managing engine hours with construction equipment GPS tracking.


Unleash the power of Analytics

Calculates important productivity parameters such as Run hours, on-board leading to unmatched measurement accuracy.


Prevent equipment breakdowns

Capture various equipment parameters either through sensors or over CAN J1939 protocol. Understand overloading and alarming conditions to prevent vehicle breakdowns.


Be alerted before maintenance need arises

Create service reminders and maintenance schedules for oil changes, tire rotations, brake checks,etc. to help improve uptime and keep jobs on schedule. Choose who receives alerts to handle maintenance more efficiently.