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SocialTheta is developing a Sanitation as service (Saas) platform that leverages IOT (Internet of things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology for building smart Sanitation. An Impact Via Social Networking Platforms Ready.

Transforming cleaning operation of
public toilet through AI and IOT

Real time monitoring systems: Our systems monitor the health status of toilets and maintain cleanliness and hygiene for each user on a real time basis.
Centralize Dashboard for clients: Client can track health status of toilets.
Unmanned and Predictive Cleaning: Sensor based flushing systems will have pre flush, post flush and floor cleaning .systems and maintenance of unmanned operations
Water and Energy saving: Water and energy saving sensor
Disinfection through UV- Disinfecting the toilet through UV, which will avoid catching any infections (Coivd-19) and other diseases

Smart Self-cleaning operations

Automated Cleaning

Clean and Hygiene Toilets


Water and Energy Saving 

Feedback System

Measuring Quality Of Operations

Dashboard & Reports

Sanitation Analytics

Dashboard and Reports


Happy Clients


Service Done


Days Of Work