Creating a new smart sanitation & intelligence system

SocialTheta is developing a smart sanitation platform that leverages IOT (Internet of things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology for toilet cleaning operations. The Smart sanitation platform performs self cleaning with a sensor based flushing system which performs pre flush, post plush and floor cleaning operation. 

Smart Sanitation platform supports the data collections and analysis of data relating to user usage patterns, amount of water used and odor and cleaning process management. 

SocialTheta’s smart sanitation platform equipped with sensors which will give information related to bacteria, pathogens present in toilet waste and will act as an early warning system for any outbreak of disease.    

SocialTheta self-cleaning systems will avoid issues of unhygienic,
odour and disinfection free toilets by using IOT(Internet of Things) to improve efficiency and optimizing the resources with used of data driven technologies.