Social Theta – Energy Management

SocialTheta Energy Management solutions allows you to access and monitor your office/plant energy consumption, anytime from anywhere which makes energy saving easier. It is necessary to gain visibility about which load is consuming how much energy for complete energy management. This helps direct energy-saving initiatives that can reduce the overall cost of energy.

Energy Management solutions for your business

Gain granular visibility of the energy consumption of your business to assist your decision-making.


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Single line diagram view

Gain granular access to the total energy consumption of your plant.


Load manager

Switch loads on/off remotely for complete central control.


Complete electrical parameter management

The system provides an interface for comprehensively monitoring vital electrical parameters such as voltages, currents, power factors, power, and energy.


Bird's eye view of all branch/plants operations

Visually identify top and bottom performing branches/plants and outlets.



The patented analytics engine throughs abnormalities in a prioritized manner for taking actions.


Configurable BI

The customisable dashboard can be configured to display the most important KPIs for real time management.


Get email alerts

Set performance thresholds with email alerts when conditions are breached.


Integrate with ERP

The system is capable of fetching data from major ERP systems for a seamless approach.

Energy Monitoring System Benefits

IOT Based Energy Monitoring System monitors the Real Power and other Energy Parameters.

Know the issue in real time and takecorrective action immediately.

Know your energy bill before given by Discom and get the breakup of energy share of different equipments/load.

Visually identify top and bottom performing branches and outlets. 

Measure the exact Energy Saving achieved by each new project implemented.

Smart Energy Monitoring System gets the Performance Reports of your branch and Equipment daily, weekly or monthly.